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"In our mode of life much of our time is spent at home in the evening, when the ordinary stained glass window looks dead and uninteresting. Very decorative effects are obtained by means of gold and opaque black and white. (In some cases no stained glass is used, the window being of clear glass, picked out with gold and white.)"

George Dean, "A New Movement in American Architecture", Brush and Pencil, April 1900

Maybe one quarter of Chicago's 80,000 historic bungalows have stained glass windows that feature double-sided gold mirrored glass in thousands of elegant, stylized designs. At home in the evening, the gold mirror reflects the lamplight; on the street, neighbors can see the gold sparkle in the headlights of passing cars.

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Stained glass designs for Chicago by Stained Glass Ltd.
Offers gold mirror designs as well as the repair and reproduction the every day catalogue windows that play
an integral role in the design of in bungalows and middle-class homes built in the early 20th century.