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Using Thin Mirror in Stained Glass

Historic Chicago Bungalows sparkle with gold from the mirrored elements in their stained glass windows. This gold mirror was originally made by Angel Gilding thin sheets of glass. The mirrored glass is sandwiched back to back in a single lead or zinc came which makes the pieces gold on both sides. It is a simple matter to replicate and repair these wonderful windows using thin gold mirrored glass. At Stained Glass Ltd, we sell thin gold mirror. At, we show you how to make gold, silver, copper and galena mirrors.

  1. To cut the mirror for a “mirrored glass sandwich” place the pattern on the reflective side of the glass and cut one piece with the pattern right side up.

  2. Turn the pattern over, place it on the reflective side again and cut the second piece.

  3. Cut carefully to avoid having to grind the glass to shape. The ground edge is more likely to admit water and flux that can ruin the mirror later. If you must grind the pieces, do it now and let the pieces dry completely.

  4. Cover all the edges carefully with mirror edge sealant and let that dry before you begin leading up.

  5. Remove any traces of sealant from the face of the glass after the panel has been cemented. DO NOT wash the panel before you putty it. Water inside the mirror sandwich can ruin the mirror.

  6. We strongly recommend that you use La-Co Paste Flux on the joints that touch the mirrored glass. It is non-acidic and does not flow into the space between the mirrored pieces. It cleans off easily when you putty your window.

    We do not recommend using copper foil with gold mirrored glass. The heat and flux used to create a copper foiled panel can easily damage the mirrored surface.


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Using Thin Mirror in Stained Glass by Stained Glass Ltd