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Owners Manual - Removing A Sash

Many fixed sash windows have been nailed into the frame. If yours is nailed in, follow the steps below and be prepared to wriggle the nails out of the frame as you pry and pull the sash forward.

Step One
Slip a putty knife between the side stop and the frame of the window. Starting at the bottom, ease the stop carefully away from the frame taking care not to split the wood. Remove both sides first and then the top.
Step Two
With a nail puller or claw hammer remove any nails that stick out of the frame. You do not have to remove the nails that remained in the stops - you can reuse them when you nail the stop back in place. If you want to remove them, pull them out from the back side of the stop so that you do not chip the varnished face.
Step Three
Gently pry, wiggle, lift and rock the top of the sash forward. Lift the sash up, forward and out of its channel. If it is nailed in place try to remove the nails while they are still in the sash rather than gouging the heads out of the wood. Do not try to remove the bottom piece of wood - the windowsill - as that would crack the plaster.

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How to Remove A Stained Glass Window Sash - Owners Manual
How to remove a stained glass window sash